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MATERIALS for Sketching & Drawing on Paper

Although my classes emphasize the use of new media tools for writing and creating visuals, I also encourage students to explore the use of physical materials for sketching and drawing, …

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EXPERIMENTS – Test Shots from Stop Motion and Digital Animation

Over the holiday break between 2013 and 2014, I led myself through a “crash course” in stop motion animation, using clay figures, and in digital animation, using iPad apps. Some …

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CONCEPT IN 60 SECONDS – The Multimodality of Gender

Explanatory Video by Amy Goodloe About the Project At the “Digital Media and Composition” workshop I attended in the summer of 2011, we were asked to compose messages in a …

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DEMO DIGITAL STORY – This is What a Lesbian Looks Like

A Digital Story by Amy Goodloe This project is an example of a CDS-style digital storytelling project, which is one of your options for a video project. In June 2012, …

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SAMPLES – Links to Digital Stories about Gender and Sexuality

I’ve gathered these links specifically for my WRTG 3020 students, but they may also be of interest to other visitors: Amy’s story: This is what a lesbian looks like (made …

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PREZI EXAMPLE – Technologies and the Future of Writing

I don’t know anything about the person who made this, but the info and method of presentation are both relevant to learning about digital writing!


An Experiment in Stop Motion by Amy Goodloe Approach: This was my first attempt at doing stop motion video (in 2012), using dog toys as an easy source of objects …

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EXAMPLES – This I Believe Audio Essays by First-Year Writing Students

These samples were produced by students in classes taught by my colleagues at CU. From Nancy Hightower’s WRTG 1150: Gender in Media Tech Nation: An Introspective Wiki on Technology and …

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DEMO VIDEO EFFECT – Distortion Effects in iMovie

I made this demo for students who wanted to know how to protect the privacy of their interview subjects by applying a blurring effect in iMovie.

LINKS – Collections of Digital Storytelling Projects

Also see this more recent post: Collections of digital and new media stories to read, watch, and listen to STORY COLLECTIONS ON THE WEB On these pages you can access …

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WEB RESOURCES – Collections of Sample Digital Media Projects

Most of the samples in the collections below are in the form of videos, but they include a variety of approaches, such as mini-documentary, promotional, and digital storytelling. If you …

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WEB RESOURCES – Visual Representation of the Writing Process

(Originally posted on the blog for my section of WRTG 3035: Technical Communication and Design.) I just came across yet another infographic that’s relevant to our class. This one uses …

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WEB RESOURCES – Multimedia Literacy Narratives

(From my Spring 2011 WRTG 3020 Syllabus) A great site to visit to become more familiar with the genre of literacy narratives is the Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives. The …

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GUIDE – Rhetorical purpose of peer review

Before you do peer reviews in my class, I want to encourage you to think about the rhetorical purpose of peer review from several perspectives. (1) From the perspective of …

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GUIDE – Rhetoric of academic writing conventions

I know “conventions” is kind of a funny word, but I’m using it because that’s the word that shows up on the state-mandated learning goals for all writing classes, as …

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SERVICE LEARNING EXAMPLES – Service Learning Videos from First-Year Writing

These service learning videos were by students in Petger Schaberg’s WRTG 1250 classes at CU Boulder: Spring 2011 Gallery Fall 2010 Gallery

EXPERIMENT – Testing Out GoAnimate

After having several students use GoAnimate for projects, I decided to test it out — and it’s very easy to use. I made this very short conversation scene after talking …

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SAMPLE – Using Google Docs to collaborate on cool animated presentations

I just saw this on Elise’s blog and thought I’d share it here. The video gives a great demonstration of how you can collaborate with others on a project, no …

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TIPS – Using Wikipedia

I will occasionally include links to Wikipedia articles as part of your readings, so I want to explain what I think are appropriate and inappropriate uses of Wikiepedia. HOW SHOULD …

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GUIDE – What is rhetoric?

VERY BRIEF OVERVIEW At its heart, rhetoric is the study of how knowledge is created and shared through communication practices that include reading, writing, and speaking. Rhetoric gives us the …

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WEB RESOURCES – Journal of Undergraduate Multimedia Projects

You might find it interesting to look through the first and second issues of The JUMP: The Journal of Undergraduate Multimedia Projects, most of which were prepared by students in …

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