About This Site


I’ve designed the support site to function the way nearly all modern web sites do: with categories and tags that enable viewers to sort content based on their own interests. Post titles also start with a keyword that lets you know what kind of material the post contains, such as samples, tips, guides, how-to’s, and so on.

As you browse each category or tag archive, also take note of what appears in the grey meta-data boxes below each post title, as that will help you identify which posts are most likely to be relevant to what you’re looking for.


If you’re a student in my Digital Storytelling or Rhetoric of Gender and Sexuality through New Media class, this site’s for you! Browse the categories on the sidebar to find all the how-to’s and resources you need to work on class projects. Also check out the sample projects by my former students.

Not in one of my classes? No problem. Feel free to use anything you find here, but check with your instructor first to make sure the resource is relevant to your class.


If you want to share resources on this site with your students, I recommend giving them the main URL and recommending which categories or tags to browse, as the individual posts tend to get moved around as the site grows and evolves.

You might also find this category helpful: Teaching Digital Writing


The brief version is that I was a college instructor for many years, specializing in teaching new media writing. For a longer version, see the About Amy page under the About menu.

Thanks for stopping by!

Amy Goodloe