WEB RESOURCES – Visual Representation of the Writing Process

(Originally posted on the blog for my section of WRTG 3035: Technical Communication and Design.)

I just came across yet another infographic that’s relevant to our class. This one uses a comic style to illustrate the many different paths we can take to get from “idea” to “end product.”

Its purpose is to illustrate the creative process, but it works equally well to illustrate the writing process in general. However, one thing we might discuss is whether the infographic is too packed with details to effectively communicate its message. You definitely have to study it for a bit to “get” it all, and I’m not sure how well the designer succeeded at enticing viewers to do that.

I found the infographic on this article: Infographic Of The Day: The Magic And Madness Of The Creative Process Click on the image below to see the full-size version.