WEB RESOURCES – Multimedia Literacy Narratives

(From my Spring 2011 WRTG 3020 Syllabus)

A great site to visit to become more familiar with the genre of literacy narratives is the Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives. The narratives on this site explore literacy from a variety of perspectives, not just from the basics of learning to read and write, and quite a few of them explore issues relating to gender identity and/or sexual orientation. Try using the Quick Search box to search for terms like: gender, sexuality, sexual orientation, queer, gay, lesbian, transgender, and so on.

All the narratives are multimodal in some way, meaning that they use more than one mode to communicate (audio, visual, text, etc.), but most of them require that you download the media files before you can play them. Some of those files are quite large, so if your home internet connection limits how many megabytes you can download per day (like mine does), you might want to download them when you’re on campus.

I’ve also noticed that some of the file names have spaces in them, which on my computer makes them download without their file type extensions (like .mov for a movie file). For example, when I click on the link to download the video on this page (which is titled “Getting Called Fag” and which I highly recommend!), my web browser downloads the file as “getting” because the file name has a space in it after that word. So after the file downloaded, I had to rename it to: getting_called_fag.mov Then I could double click on it and play it.