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DESKTOP, WEB & MOBILE APPS – Keyframe Animation

ABOUT ANIMATION: To learn more about different forms of animation, see this guide: Different Approaches to Animation DESKTOP APPS Animated Stories Plotagon (Mac, Windows, iPad; free) invites you to enter …

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Presentation by Janna (WRTG 3020 – Fall 2010) Drag Kings

HOW TO – Make an Image Slideshow in PowerPoint

If you want to use a presentation app like PowerPoint to showcase images only, or images with captions, you’ll get a nicer and more consistent overall look if you follow …

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STUDENT SAMPLE – Road to the Unknown

View on Vimeo Video by Sammy (WRTG 3090 – Fall 2013) How do you face the reality that you have no idea what you are doing? Behind the Scenes I …

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STUDENT SAMPLE – Defining Gender and Sexuality

Presentation by Kaitlin and Katie (WRTG 3020 – Fall 2010)

STUDENT SAMPLE – Masculinity in America: Men Judging Men

Presentation by Tammy (WRTG 3020 – Spring 2011) Tammy’s presentation is based on Michael Kimmel’s article, “Masculinity as Homophobia: Fear, Shame, and Silence in the Construction of Gender Identity.”

HOW TO – Reduce the size of a PowerPoint file

If you make a PowerPoint presentation that contains a lot of images, the file might end up being quite large in size, particularly if the images you used were very …

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STUDENT SAMPLE – Discussion of Elizabeth Reiss's "Impossible Hermaphrodites"

Presentation by Molly Brooks for WRTG 3020 Fall 2010. [slideshare id=7198736&doc=mb-present-reis-hermaphrodites-110308212703-phpapp02] (if presentation isn’t embedded above, view it on SlideShare.)

STUDENT SAMPLE – A Look Into Intersex Individuals in the 19th Century

Presentation by Tina Gupta for WRTG 3020 Fall 2010. [slideshare id=7198805&doc=gupta-project-3-final-110308214227-phpapp02] (if presentation isn’t embedded above, view it on SlideShare.)