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WEB APPS – Create and Host Your Own Blog, Wiki, or Web Site

BLOGS WordPress.com (by far the most popular free blogging platform) Tumblr (a close second in popularity to WP and gaining; much more limited interface, but super easy to use) WIKIS …

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STUDENT SAMPLE – Gender in Pop Culture – Research Wikis by Students

These samples were made by students in a class taught by a colleague at CU. Class research wikis by Nancy Hightower’s WRTG 1150 classes Gender in Media Tech Nation: An …

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WEB RESOURCES – Education Needs a Digital-Age Upgrade

Dave Underwood just sent me this very timely article from a NY Times blog. I highly recommend it! Education Needs a Digital-Age Upgrade

ASSIGNMENT – Comparative Analysis of Digital Tools

Below is a brief version of an assignment I’ve used in WRTG 1150 and WRTG 2090. I have a long version somewhere, which I’ll post if/when I find it. Topics …

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TEACHING TIPS – Teaching with wikis

A wiki is a web site with pages that can be easily edited by anyone the site owner grants permission to, without the users needing to know anything about HTML. …

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