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WEB APPS – Create and Host Your Own Blog, Wiki, or Web Site

BLOGS WordPress.com (by far the most popular free blogging platform) Tumblr (a close second in popularity to WP and gaining; much more limited interface, but super easy to use) WIKIS …

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Tips on Using Tumblr

UPDATE on 9/21: I no longer recommend using Tumblr for a class blog given that it the platform does not have a fully functioning commenting system. Those who want to …

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HOW TO – Re-blog on Tumblr

NOTE: As of 9/20, I no longer recommend Tumblr as a blog platform for my students. But I’m leaving these instructions here for those who use Tumblr for their own …

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HOW TO – Enable Disqus comments on a Tumblr blog

As my Fall 2014 students found out the hard way, Tumblr lacks the kind of full-featured comment system you can find in other blog platforms like WordPress or Blogger. Once …

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STUDENT SAMPLE – Queer Slash Resources

Project by Emily (LGBT 2000 – Spring 2011) Emily used Tumblr to build this educational resource on Queer Slash Fiction.