WEB RESOURCES – Journal of Undergraduate Multimedia Projects

You might find it interesting to look through the first and second issues of The JUMP: The Journal of Undergraduate Multimedia Projects, most of which were prepared by students in writing and rhetoric classes. Here is the intro to the second issue, which has the title Re/mix & Memes:

In this issue you will find four video projects, two of which focus on issues facing remix culture and two of which participate in video meme-ing. Each of the projects include two responses from members of our editorial collective as well as student project reflections, instructor reflections, project timelines, course and assignment descriptions, and so on.

See the Calls for Papers page for information on the type of projects the editors hope to focus on in the next two issues. Perhaps some of your students would like to submit their work? It would be great to see the work of some PWR students in this journal!