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WEB RESOURCE – Anatomy of Effective Web Design

This infographic does a nice job of introducing some basic principles of reader-friendly site design. What appears below is the top portion. To see the full infographic, go to: Anatomy …

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WEB RESOURCES – Designing for the Web: A Tutorial

Here’s a helpful resource for learning how to write effectively for web audiences: Designing for the Web: A Tutorial by Mike Markel

TEACHING TIPS – Using blogs in the writing classroom

Instructors use blogs in the classroom for a variety of purposes and in a wide range of ways.  One common purpose is to present course materials, such as daily assignments, with …

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TEACHING TIPS – Publishing student writing online

Giving students the opportunity to write for online publication can help them think seriously about audience and purpose. One option is to ask students to write articles for a web site …

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TEACHING TIPS – Using wikis for collaborative writing and publishing

A wiki is a web site with pages that can be easily edited by anyone the site owner grants permission to, without the users needing to know anything about HTML. …

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