RESOURCES – Get more help from the Help Center

Below you’ll find links to pages in the Help Center. Also check out the help pages I published here: Support

WordPress has by far the most comprehensive set of help pages, compared to Tumblr and Blogger, but it can be overwhelming for a new user to know where to start. Here are a few sections in the WordPress Support site you might find helpful:

Searching Google for Help

Always use the full domain of when searching Google for help, rather than just WordPress. Here’s a sample Google search phrase: best readable theme

Here’s why: If you don’t include the .com, you’re likely to come across resources that are relevant only to those who’ve installed the WordPress app on their own servers (as I did for nearly all my web sites). That version is sometimes referred to as the “full” or “self-hosted” version, and most of the help resources that relate to that version will be of no use to you.