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COMMENTARY – Writing as a Design Art

I’ve been telling my students that writing is a “design art” for a while now, as a way of conveying that rhetorically effective writing is about more than stringing words …

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COMMENTARY – The Rhetoric of Interface Design

Below is a short presentation I delivered in a session on Using Digital Tools for writing instructors at CU Boulder. I drew on many resources to develop this condensed version …

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GUIDE – Rhetorical Strategies for Blog Design

The design of the study guide blog includes elements that impact its visual appeal. Although you may not have thought about it this way, you have to make design decisions …

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WEB RESOURCE – Anatomy of Effective Web Design

This infographic does a nice job of introducing some basic principles of reader-friendly site design. What appears below is the top portion. To see the full infographic, go to: Anatomy …

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WEB RESOURCES – Designing for the Web: A Tutorial

Here’s a helpful resource for learning how to write effectively for web audiences: Designing for the Web: A Tutorial by Mike Markel

COMMENTARY – Design Analysis of D2L: Too Many Clicks

(Originally posted on the blog for my section of WRTG 3035: Technical Communication and Design.) Here’s another entry into our collection of design successes and failures. As the “designer” in …

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COMMENTARY – Design Analysis of Google Docs: Inconsistent Visual Cues

(Originally posted on the blog for my section of WRTG 3035: Technical Communication and Design.) (This post serves as an example of what you might contribute under the Design Successes …

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GUIDE – Tips for Building a Course Web Site

UPDATE: See this new post, which expands on some of these suggestions: Rhetorical considerations for online course materials NOTE: These tips are under development, but I’m posting what I have …

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COMMENTARY – Notes on the Rhetorical Nature of Web Design

These are the notes for a presentation I shared with colleagues on August 10, 2011, as part of the PWR Digital Composition Workshop. Notes on the Rhetorical Nature of Web …

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COMMENTARY – Rhetorical rationale for my WRTG 3020 class blog design

This screencast offers a rhetorical rationale for the decisions I made when designing and organizing the WRTG 3020 Summer 2011 Class Blog. I made the screencast for two reasons: to …

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