STUDENT SAMPLE – When Barbie Met Stacy

Animated Story by Kelsey and Sara (WRTG 3020 – Fall 2013)

Barbie and Stacy are your normal teenage girls. They meet at school and become inseparable. What happens next? Find out!

Rhetorical Situation

The idea behind this video is to show the audience that there is more than one way to find your sexual orientation. Not all women know that they like women until they try dating women. Sexuality isn’t always something that is black and white, and it is often mistaken that you can’t enjoy dating men if you actually like women. The characters in the video, Barbie and Stacy, feel perfectly fine dating men, but they also find happiness when they start dating each other. There isn’t a specific audience for this video, we just hope that it will reach all different kinds of people.

Behind the Scenes

For this project, we made our own paper dolls using cutout designs from the internet. We used a green screen to take the pictures (about 350) and then used the green screen feature in iMovie. Our green screen was just 4 pieces of bright green paper taped together. The background pictures are all reusable images that we found using the advanced Google image search for pictures that are public domain with no restrictions. The music all comes from iMovie’s free music playlist.

Videographer Bio

This is Sara’s first multimedia project and she enjoyed making the paper cutout dolls.┬áThis is Kelsey’s first multimedia project ever, but it was the first one she has made with paper dolls. Both Sara and Kelsey have taken other gender and sexuality classes and the idea of sexual orientation and the way that it is viewed by society is very interesting to them.