Pitch: What would you do if something you relied so heavily on was taken from you…while you were in the middle of the ocean?

Digital Story by Jane (WRTG 3090 – Fall 2013)

Behind the Scenes

I used iMovie to make my video. Before I worked with iMovie I first wrote my story and recorded it. I simply used my iPhone microphone but sat in my car because it has good acoustics. Next I put the track on iMovie, this gave me an idea of how long the video was going to be and what shots needed to go where. I used pictures of my own along with video and pictures I got from the internet. I utilized the Ken Burns effect on photos and fooled around with some of the video to make them slower or faster. I new trick I learned to make things blurry was to use the Blur title page and simply not write a title. This maneuver was crucial for my video.

Storyteller Bio

In kindergarten I was prescribed with glasses and every year after that my sight has gotten worse and worse and worse. Today my terrible vision has plateaued but to a point of blindness. My whole life I have been using aids to see clearly, unfortunately these aids aren’t perfect and have put me in some unfortunate and uncomfortable situations. The situation I play out in my multi-media story examines the most unfortunate and uncomfortable of all the situations.