STUDENT SAMPLE – Repeal of DADT and the Changing American Hero

Video by Trey and Spenser (WRTG 3020 – Fall 2013)

In terms of gender and sexuality times are changing, especially in the department of our refractory military. Growing up we have always seen a solider to be true selfless heros. What impact has the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell had on our perception of what makes a true hero?

The audience that I hoped this multimedia project would really address was people who were curious about how the repeal of the DADT policy impacted new members of the military. The main goal of this project was to let people know that we believe a soldier can be anyone regardless of sexual preference, all that really matters is one has a desire to volunteer and be selfless.

Initially we knew that our project was going to have some sort of relation to the military since, for us personally, it’s a huge part of our lives and we wanted to relate that to this class. The idea behind using pictures and words was that by limiting the number of pictures and words on screen we hoped they each would have a very dramatic effect.

Trey and Spenser are both seniors at CU Boulder and are both involved in the Army ROTC program. We will both be involved in the military after graduation, so we thought that this video was very fitting because it tackles an issue that more than likely will show up during out professional military careers. As future officers, we will need to be well informed on these changes in policy and understand there is more to a hero than just his/her sexuality.