STUDENT SAMPLE – Fraternity Guys and Homosexuality: Changing Stereotypes?

A Mini-Doc by Tori (WRTG 3020 – Fall 2013)

One commonality between fraternity men and homosexual men is that they are both stereotyped, but is the stereotype for fraternity guys changing?

Rhetorical Situation:
The audience I am trying to reach is the general public who has a negative stigma towards fraternity guys. The CU Greek system does not produce guys like most schools do. Boulder is a very liberal city and many of its students are as well. I believe that the responses to my questions from this group of fraternity guys was greatly due to the fact that we live in a culture that is more accepting of change and homosexuality.

Behind the Scenes:
I took various pictures from the internet and took various songs and layered them together to give the project more substance. We filmed the project on a MacBook Pro and spliced up the clips to enhance continuity.

Videographer Bio:
My name is Tori Karst and I am an Integrative Physiology major at CU. I am in the sorority Pi Beta Phi and an active member in the Greek community. I like the topic of homosexuality because I am an Integrative Physiology major and as an IPHY major I have a wealth of knowledge about the human body. I don’t, however, have a lot of information about psychological processes and I wanted to learn more about peoples opinions on homosexuality.