STUDENT SAMPLE – Eat, Drink, & Choose your Gender


Web site by Jess (WRTG 3020 – Fall 2012)

My website, You are what you eat: The gender nature of food and drink explores how gender socialization has played a role in the eating patterns of masculine vs. feminine individuals. The way society has defined masculinity and femininity limits the way individuals can “perform” their gender. Society has constructed food and drink consumption in a way in which you perform your gender. My website explores all of this in further detail and also focuses on how advertisements appeal to and continues to market these notions.

My target audience was college students because I think it is then that we truly start to gain an understanding of our identity and what influences it. The purpose of my website was to show young adults how society has constructed food to be gendered, and how many, without realizing, fall prey to these stereotypes. On a larger scale I’m hoping my audience will be more aware of these gender stereotypes that are present everywhere, even in something as insignificant as food and drink choice.

To convey my message I focused on using personal stories, survey results, images, and advertisements. I think the combination of all of these gives my audience more evidence on how relevant this idea is. All my evidence shed light onto this boy vs. girl treatment of food and how this idea continues to be spread by society.