STUDENT SAMPLE – Differences Between Sex and Gender

Explainer Video by Audrey (WRTG 3020 – Fall 2013)

My video is about the difference between sex and gender. I interviewed fellow classmates and got their opinion on what they think is the difference. Then I go on to explain the dictionary definitions. I also talk about the cultural aspects of the two words and show some typical gender norms in America.

Rhetorical Situation

I wanted to convey this message because I think the majority of people think of sex and gender as the same. Most people don’t really consider the deeper meaning of the words and what and how they are portrayed. I think the difference is important to know in todays changing society. I wanted to make my movie entertaining with pictures and music to catch the attention of audiences of all kinds.

Behind The Scenes

To compose my project, I used iMovie. My movie has many different components to it such as, interviews, pictures, music, voice over and video clips.  For the interview, I simply just used a camera to record my interviewees and then uploaded it to iMovie. I added clips of music from iTunes to my title pages. I uploaded pictures and did a voice over by recording my own voice on iMovie. In between pictures, I made sure to add transitions. I also took a video clip from you tube that I downloaded and clipped to the parts I wanted. This was my first time using iMovie, and I had a lot of fun with it. It was very easy to use and I enjoyed exploring all the tools and effects.

Videographer Bio

I am trying to pursue the Technology, Arts and Media certificate so making this video allowed me to get a little taste of what to expect. I am very interested to learn more about technology, arts and media because it is becoming more and more prevalent and important in todays society. I really enjoyed making this movie and I cant wait to learn more in my other TAM classes!