STUDENT SAMPLE – A Not-Quite Coming Out Story

Audio essay by Kylee (WRTG 3020 – Fall 2011)

Audience: The target audience for this project are my friends and family who already know me and ask me the question “so you’re gay?” This is the long response, to help them see how complex the answer to this ‘yes or no’ question actually is.

Purpose: The purpose of this story is to show that not everyone fits perfectly into the sub-categories of sexuality and that it is okay to allow yourself to not identify as gay or straight. I hope that when the listener reaches the end of my story they have a greater understanding of sexuality as a spectrum, and not a concrete identity for all people.

Thesis: You never know who you are going to fall in love with next, so don’t restrict yourself from pursuing your crushes if they are not who you expect.

Rhetorical Strategies: My personal narrative allowed for an abundance of appeal to pathos because my goal was to engage the reader in my story so much they felt as if they were in the story. I wanted my audience to connect with my narrative on an emotional level, so I provided a lot of detail about the events my story discusses in hopes that my audience would relate to my feelings and experiences.

Technology: I recorded the audio on the program Audacity, which was relatively easy to use. I exported my file as an MP3 in order to download it onto this blog.

What I’m proud of most:
I am really proud that I was brave enough to share my sexuality story with my peers and on the web. I am proud of how the final product turned out, and all of the new skills I developed in the process of its creation.