STUDENT SAMPLE – A Friend Indeed

Comic Strip by Kelly (WRTG 3090 – Fall 2013)

Story: A Friend Indeed

Have you ever been bullied? Have you ever stood by and watch someone get bullied or mistreated? Read on to see how Mary, Peter and others , as true friends, can make a difference in the lives of people around them.

-Broken down into three parts-

Part 1: Mary’s Story 

Part:2 Peter’s Story

Part 3: Friends

Behind the Scenes

I created this image story using the online comic making site Pixton. It was cool to show that I wanted to work with my own created images. All the images I used were created myself. It was simple enough to use, but if one is going to use it, I think you should go in with a story in mind before you try to make the comic. It does not provide you with a good story, only the tools to make it a powerful tale. Also, it is a lot of really trying to get the characters to fit where you want them to fit. It was lots of fun to make a comic and try something new.

Storyteller’s Bio

Kelly was born in Lakewood, CO and she made this story because of her  own personal struggles with bullying during her years in elementary school. The posters of anti-bullying and anti-bystander ads, helping friends did not exist  on a grand scale like it does today. She wanted to create this fictional but always true story from images of how people should really try to not be bystanders and stop bullying. She wanted to show that there are kind people in the world, and they are based off her own friends who supported her.

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