OVERVIEW – Digital Storytelling in Higher Ed

Prepared for COLTT 2011

I prepared these notes for a two-hour presentation and workshop for faculty at the Colorado Teaching and Learning with Technology conference, held at CU Boulder every August.

This is by far my most popular presentation on SlideShare, with nearly 19,000 views as of mid-September, 2013.

Prepared for a Norlin Learner’s Lunch session in 2012

For this presentation, I condensed the material above in order to fit into a one-hour presentation for faculty at the Norlin Library at CU Boulder. Although this version is shorter, it hasn’t gained the popularity of the previous one.

Prepared for AISL Conference in 2012

While the presentations above focus mostly on the pedagogy of digital storytelling, this one guides K-12 educators through a workshop on how to create a digital story in iMovie.

This is my second most popular presentation on SlideShare, with over 4,7000 views as of mid-September, 2013. SlideShare also featured it on their home page shortly after I first published it.

Prepared for PWR Digital Composition Workshop in 2011

[slideshare id=11826722&doc=intro-to-digital-storytelling-forpdf-120301224259-phpapp01]


Below are links to some of the sample projects and resources I mentioned in several of the presentations, above.