STUDENT SAMPLE – My Reconciliation with Femininity

Audio Essay by Kat (WRTG 3020 – Fall 2011)

Rhetorical Rationale

I composed this essay for people who are interested in exploring gender and sexuality issues. I’m hoping that it will help them to understand issues that many women face. I would especially like to reach out to women who might have also felt that their femaleness was second rate, or who have felt like they were used as sexual objects.

I decided to do an audio essay rather than a picture essay because for many parts of my story I didn’t have pictures that fit what I was saying, and I felt that pictures showing during these parts of the essay would serve to distract rather than enhance the rhetorical effectiveness of my essay. However, I felt one part of my essay, where I reference a piece of art, would be stronger with a visual of that piece. So, I decided to post my essay with the picture of the Creation of Adam to give the listener the visual of what I spoke of.

I purposely edited a lot of my journey out because I wanted it to be reasonably short and thus hold the attention of my audience. I also edited a lot of things that heavily influenced my life, like my relationship with God, because I didn’t want to turn some people away because of their beliefs.