STUDENT SAMPLE – Journey to a Chivalrous and Strong Masculine Lesbian

A Personal Narrative by Danie (WRTG 3020 – Fall 2011)

Target Audience: Anyone interested in gender studies or just interested in a story of someone coming into their own.

Purpose: To share a story to those who have gone through similar struggles or completely different struggles and to help them through their own journeys. I also simply like the entertaining quality of my story and hope to share that as well.

Thesis: The struggles I went through in finding and coming to terms with my gender identity and being able to portray that to others.

Rhetorical Strategies:

“Pathos” – I use the hardships I go through throughout my childhood and coming out, from issues with clothes shopping to my brother not accepting me being gay, to appeal to the emotions of people. I also try to tell some funny stories juxtaposed with the serious moments to keep the mood changing and people interested.

“Ethos” – I do not use many names or specific place names in my story except for my city and some family members. This may detract from my credibility but seeing me telling my story in video and that matching with the images shown works to establish my credibility. The ability to tell a personal story with emotional inflection in my speech as well as visual cues also lend to my credibility.

“Logos” – I try to match us many of my pictures with what I am talking about in order to provide evidence for the story I’m telling. Some things I did not have images for but I think there is enough to allow my story to be taken as a non-fiction, personal narrative.

Technology: I used the webcam and built in microphone on my macbook pro as to record me reading the essay. I then used movie maker to put it all together and edit to the finished product.

Achievements: I am most proud of the finished product I was able to produce with a series of programs I have never used before this project. I have worked towards the learning goals I’ve wanted to work on through this project such as improving my awareness of reader/viewer friendly formatting and becoming more comfortable with using my computer and various programs available for digital storytelling.