STUDENT SAMPLE – Exploring attitudes towards gender identity disorder

Final Personal Narrative Project by Isaac Hannagan, Spring 2011

Rhetorical Analysis:
As a Psychology major at the University of Colorado at Boulder, I have this digital version of a personal narrative for The Rhetoric of Sex and Gender a course at the University of Colorado at Boulder. In creating this narrative I wanted to design it in a way that appeals to a greater audience, rather than limiting it to other students at CU boulder, and others in the field of sex and gender. With this, I designed this presentation as a lighter, and easier way, of introducing issues surrounding sex and gender; specifically trans-lifestyles and (my) opinions surrounding them. In taking this course at CU, I have been impacted the most by learning about transgender and transsexual lifestyles.

Through exploration of how people (men) react when they find out the woman they’re dating used to be a man, and studying transgender children I have found that my level of acceptance and comfort isn’t as high, or liberal as I thought. In sum, this narrative represents what I have learned about sex and gender in this course and reframes it in a way that might be easier to digest. Through this narrative I’m hoping to bring the social issues of transgender and transsexual to light using a different perspective of tolerance. I’m hoping to give awareness to those who may share a similar point-of-view, while showing that simply because some issues surrounding sex and gender are bound to make people uncomfortable, doesn’t mean they can’t be tolerant of those issues and individuals.