HELPFUL APP – Diigo for social bookmarking

Diigo is a social bookmarking tool with a variety of useful features. At its most basic level, Diigo provides you with a better way to save bookmarks to web sites than simply using your web browser’s bookmark function because you can access your Diigo bookmarks from any computer on the web. So a bookmark you save on your home computer will be available to you on a campus computer.

Diigo also gives you a way to share your bookmarks with others by including them in groups. We have a class Diigo group that previous students and I have used to save bookmarks to a variety of sites relating to class topics. The most recent bookmarks saved in the group appear in the sidebar of the main site, so they’re available to the site’s general visitors as well to students.

You can use Diigo’s bookmarking features without having to install anything extra on your computer, but if you install the Diigo toolbar in your web browser, you can also use it to highlight parts of web pages, to leave comments on the passages you highlight, and/or to leave sticky notes anywhere on the pages. These notes may be private to you, visible only to the group, or visible to the public.

To set up an account on Diigo, I recommend that you use your Google Account, so that you don’t have to remember yet another username and password.

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