WEB SITES for Hosting Content to Share by Link or Embed in Blog Posts

A “hosting” site is one that allows users to upload and publish their own content, so that they can easily share the content with others by distributing the link or embedding the content into a blog post or web page.

Documents & Presentations

I’ve used all of these at one point or another, but the one I use most often is Slideshare (as you can see here).

  • Slideshare (hosting for presentations, PDFs, and more)
  • Scribd (hosting for PDF, DOC, and presentations)
  • Isuu.com (magazine style hosting for PDF, presentations, and more)
  • Authorstream (slide presentation hosting, audio allowed)


You’ve probably come across dozens of places to upload and publish your own videos, but these two remain the most popular:


You’ve probably come across even more places to upload and share photos, but these two are good bets. Flickr plays well with WordPress and other web publishing platforms.

  • Flickr (image hosting; groups for image sharing; huge and vibrant community of photographers and digital image artists)
  • Photobucket (image and short video hosting)


The most popular hosting site for audio files (music and spoken word) is SoundCloud.