STUDENT SAMPLE – Google Search Words Matter!

(video seems to be missing — will check with student)

Video project by Taylor (WRTG 3020 – Fall 2013)

Do you know what the common Google searches are? Do you know how these words sound out loud to others? We need to be careful what we say, and this may be the first step in creating awareness on just what we are saying.

Rhetorical Situation

I hope that this video will reach a modern audience who uses the web. I hope that this project is relatable in that way to all people who may use a search engine so that everyone can see how these ideas fit into their own lives. I hope that it will challenge people to see that even just how they phrase certain things it will inevitably  lead to a positive light or a very negative one. I think that this is important to share right now and to create awareness for because the internet is so often used to hide behind hateful messages and we rarely stop to think what we are saying.

Behind the Scenes

To start I went ahead with a whiteboard animation. Although it is tedious, it is not hard to set up a whiteboard in one place and a camera in another and go step by step to see your project come to life with individual pictures put into iMovie.

I went on to have people read some passages which were put together very similarly to a multi-person interview.

I then went on to screen cast to make the situation relatable, for all who have used the Google search engine and that have benefited (or not) from its autofill feature.

I wrapped it up back with the whiteboard taking pictures and uploading every one individually into iMovie and creating a stream of a moving image.

To pull the project together I used Garage Band to record piano music so that it wasn’t awkwardly silent throughout.

Videographer Bio

I am just a person who has been impacted with words that have been said to me. I am supportive of others and I think that it is important to help show people how they can be supportive of others too. By drawing attention to places where attention isn’t always drawn, we can highlight some of the ways in which we are making an impact even when we don’t think we are. Because, in the end, I believe we impact everything around us, and there is always that possibility to impact others in a positive way.