STUDENT SAMPLE – We Can't All Get Along

Pitch: Living with roommates can be one of the biggest challenges of young adult life.

Story by Marlee (WRTG 3090 – Fall 2013)

Behind the Scenes

This multimedia composition was created in iMovie. While the footage is staged, the events it is based on are all true. The film footage was imported from a mix of my iPhone 5 and a digital camcorder. The screen shots were created using a handy screen recording tool that Quicktime offers. Overall the composition was fairly easy, though it was extremely helpful to have written up a list of every shot I needed to have, in order, so my talent wasn’t forced to wait around while I figured out just what it was I was doing.

Storyteller Bio

Marlee is a super-recent graduate of CU Boulder, and while she takes her studies very seriously (3.8 GPA), she likes to unwind on the weekends. Throughout her 3.5 years of college, she has lived with a wide variety of people, some whom she considers her best friends, and others who have turned into enemies. While it is easy to get caught up in house drama and call the other person “crazy” and “unreasonable,” it is important to always step back and look at it from their perspective. Marlee admits that she wasn’t always the perfect roommate, but she tries to be as reasonable and grounded as possible.

This composition acts as a commentary on roommate relations. Almost everyone in college has the story of the time their roommate didn’t clean dishes for a month or threw a party that trashed the house, and chances are they also were that roommate at some point. Sometimes different personalities can’t live together, and it is important to recognize what you require out of your living partner.