STUDENT SAMPLE – The Social Construction of Kennady Nickell

[youtube WGmzN1EK55U]

Amy’s Note: The photos and narrative structure are compelling on their own, but Kennady also provides a piano soundtrack for her story that she played herself, which enables her to underscore the emotions she wanted to convey with the power of music.

Personal Narrative by Kennady (WRTG 3020 – Summer 2011)

I envision my target audience for this story to be my family. My brothers and sisters probably don’t even know how much every little thing they did influenced the person I have become. They probably don’t have any idea about the little comments they made to me that I took really personally.

I want my story to have an empowering impact on my audience. I want them to understand that it is ridiculous to feel as though you have to conform to crazy ideas of feminine in order to be considered a woman.

I started out being an innocent little girl, and then began to be influenced into this mold of feminine, and then went back out and realized how ridiculous it is. I appealed to the audiences emotions and logic. My project demonstrates that I can design a message that will entice viewers to watch it all the way through by having interesting pictures that go along with what I am saying.