STUDENT SAMPLE – Staying True to Your Roots

Personal Narrative by Sara (WRTG 3020 – Fall 2013)

Ever wonder what it was like to be a girl growing up in between two brothers? Let me tell you, you definitely don’t grow up to be a girly girl.

Rhetorical Situation:

With this project I was hoping to reach girls who play male dominated sports, and grew up with brothers and no sisters. I wanted people to see that even though we may seem a little different for not being a cheer leader or wanting to play with dolls all the time we are still young ladies and we know how to act like one.

Behind the Scenes:

While creating this project I used many aspects we learned in class. I started off by scanning pictures from when I grew up and how I transformed as I grew up. Then I imported them into iMovie. I knew I needed more then just pictures, so I recorded myself talking about my childhood and how I was raised in between two brothers and my gender norms were different because of that. I then found a song that seemed to start off slow and quiet and then as I went through my pictures and explained how my views were changing, the music got louder and more exciting. With all of these aspects integrated into my project I came out with a final piece I was extremely proud of.

Videographer Bio:

I was born and raising in Colorado. I had a older brother who is 22 and a younger brother who is 18. I’ve always been the only girl in my neighborhood that would hang out with all the guys and could keep up. I played male dominated sports such as golf and skiing my whole life. I never had any girls to hang out with so I ¬†learned to get along with the guys and keep up with them. While I was able to hang with the guys, my mom always taught me how to be a lady and dress like one. After high school I went to Regis University for a year to play college golf and ended up transferring to CU. I currently still play golf but not competitively anymore, I’m in a sorority and I’m ¬†a Psychology major.