Persuasive Video by Ariel (WRTG 3020 – Fall 2013)

Recently the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was on TV again and with it came many speculations from young girls all over the world inquiring about their imperfections and how beautiful the models were.

Soon after Beyonce released a Self-Titled album with many messages in it to young girls about what it is to love yourself and to remain strong.  With these two different aspects and messages I got from two very relevant figureheads in pop culture I came up with my idea for my project: What is Perfection?

Rhetorical Situation

My audience is generally geared towards young women and young girls, but it is also just geared at society as a whole.  The video is supposed to send the message to the industry that they are distorting young girls’ self images.  Not only that, but the video is a sort of way to help show the ridiculousness of how body image is portrayed in the media to young girls and how it can make them feel about themselves.

Behind the scenes

The programs I used for this project were:
– iMovie
– Garageband
– After Effects
– Photoshop
– Quicktime Screen-casting

I compiled all of my work together in iMovie.  In after effects I mainly used this to make my own animations for the words in the video, and to give movement to the twitter segment.  I used photoshop to trim screenshots I took of real twitter comments about the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.  I used Quicktime Screen-casting to record video off of Youtube and Vimeo for my project.

Videographer Bio

My name is Ariel Johnston.  I have dabbled in video work in high school and have begun to pick it back up now in college.  I enjoy all aspects of creating videos from coming up with the idea, filming the footage, and editing.  I hope to be able to have a career in video work in my future, along with other aspects of technology, arts and media.  I am passionate about fairness and equality and making the world a place that is inclusive to all types of people.  I am also hoping to have a career in public speaking in my future.