STUDENT SAMPLE – Music Genres: Reinforcing Gender Stereotypes?


Web site by Nate (WRTG 3020 – Fall 2012)

Women of Music

When looking for a subject for creating a text-based project for a class revolving around the rhetoric of gender & sexuality, women in music was an obvious choice for me. The industry is filled with sex driven advertisements, gender stereotypes, and media pressure to create an image of femininity regardless of musical genre.

I wanted to question that very notion – why is it that the same gender stereotypes are perpetuated throughout the different musical genres, and why too does sexuality trace itself through these genres and become an element in the creation of an industry.

When designing the website it was important to look at the websites that most students use, as this specific project was aimed at students ranging from high school to college. In beginning my research, I asked several students which websites they frequent the most, and Facebook appeared on nearly all of my response sheets.

I therefore decided to create a website that reflected the column-style flow of Facebook whilst having easily identifiable navigation buttons, videos, and pictures to lead the viewer throughout the website.

Each subsequent page stemming from the main page offers a genre, catchy title, and a small paragraph of insight into the genre. The information about the gender norms / stereotypes perpetuated in each genre is then supported by a two video examples, which are then analyzed in a caption-style paragraph.