Pitch: Natalie’s pursuit to be different points her in the direction of tattoos, but before getting one she first talks with friends to get their views on the matter.

Personal Story by Natalie (WRTG 3090 – Fall 2013)

Behind the Scenes

Tools/Approaches: live video, screen recording, GarageBand

I was a little nervous about how I was actually going to create the video I had seen in my head, but once I started with iMovie I found that it was much easier than I thought. I first had my interviewees voice record their pieces onto Garageband and from there I filmed them standing using a video camera. I then uploaded the videos to iMovie and added the voice overs. In that process I also slowed the video down, took out the color, and added music to the background to get the effect I was looking for. I also did this same process for my interview as well.

The live video of myself actually getting the tattoo was very easy because I did not do much editing. I mainly just pieced together a few different clips and added music, but I left in the actual audio of the event for better effect. I was however, unable to fix the quality of the live video due to the older version of camera I was using at the time.

The screen-casting part was also very easy, as I just used Quicktime Player to follow my search for the best tattoo shop. It basically does all the work for you and all I had to do was upload it to iMovie and add my voiceover and music.

Storyteller Bio

Natalie Roveto grew up an average girl in her Northern California Suburban Town. Her parents always felt that she was a bit to shy for her own good, but as she got older that began to fade and her fun-loving personality came out. The older Natalie got the more creative she became and the more her interest in tattoos grew. She now lives and attends school in Boulder Colorado where it seems tattoos and the idea of a carefree life are all around her. This is what ultimately pushed Natalie to take that final step and accomplish her goal of getting a tattoo and finally doing what she wanted no matter what other people thought about it.