STUDENT SAMPLE – Life's a Dime

Rachel E. shares her story about “how death can make a child grow up, but even in death there is light.” (WRTG 3090 – Spring 2015)

Rachel’s Behind the Scenes Commentary

How did the process of working on this story help you better understand a turning point moment in your life?
My favorite part about working on this story was first reading shimmering images and using that as a guide to write my story. I found it so helpful in composing a story that I had thought to orginally have a lot of holes in it.

If you had the chance to try this approach to storytelling again, what would you do differently?
I would do all the tutorials on Prezi because I think had I known more about it and was able to work the program better I could have done less editing in Photoshop and iMovie. I would also like to have had more video footage in my story, I just didn’t have enough time to figure out what video I wanted.

What did you find most interesting about your classmates’ turning point stories?
I really loved how all of my classmates seemed to try something different in their stories. I thought the symbolic comics were really cool (the bolts and the eraser). I would love to write a story in that sense.