STUDENT SAMPLE – Heterosexual Men and Pornography

Mini-Doc by Stephanie and Orphea (WRTG 3020 – Fall 2012)

Stephanie and I made a minidocumentary about CU Heterosexual Males and Pornography. We wanted to explore what heterosexual males thought about the pornography they had been watching and what gender messages they picked up on.

Target audience: college students and educators

Purpose: to see if consumers of pornography were aware of the gender messages being relayed in the porn they consume, if these messages affect their views on gender and sexuality, and how sex education plays into this.

Strategies: Interviews with peers are relatable and interesting to college students, and our topic is a “hot button” issue so by default it’s interesting to college students and others, we also organized our project by question so it was easy to follow, and we included facts so the audience had a bit of background about content in pornography.