STUDENT SAMPLE – Grandma's House

Image Story by Kate

My Grandma’s house has been in the family for the past 54 years and it is a place family members and others outside of the family can call home. Ever since I can remember, the house and my Grandma have been a huge part of my life. In fact, it’s not only a house, but a place for growth, love and change. However, can the gathering spot last forever?


Throughout the process of assembling my image story, I used several different editing techniques to enhance the way each individual image signifies specific parts of my story. I edited the colors of each picture to portray the image as a happy or sad one. For instance, the picture of my Grandma standing in front of her house was brightened and sharpened to symbolize happiness, while the picture of my Grandma sitting alone at her kitchen table was darkened and washed out to symbolize sorrow.

Moreover, I used a blur effect on an image present in the middle of my image story to represent the transition from the past to present day. As for a photo editor/app, I used Adobe Photoshop to edit and resize all of my images. Additionally, I used the tips from the blog known as Spoon Graphics to help enhance the lighting and color of a few of my images. Lastly, all of the images I used are from my photo albums or from my Dad’s and Uncle’s photo albums. The only photo that wasn’t completely like the original is the image of my Grandma’s house with the for sale sign in it. The for sale sign was edited in by me through the use of Photoshop.


Kate was born in California and even though she has moved several times throughout her life, she returns to California at least once a year to visit long time family and friends. To be specific, she visits and stays with her Grandma at her beach front home the most. Thus, Kate’s Grandma’s house holds a special place in her heart. So many warm and happy memories have been formed there over the years, starting with her Dad and his siblings, up to Kate and her cousins. When Kate is not in California she can most likely be found in the beautiful state of Colorado.