STUDENT SAMPLE – Effects of Gender Specific Toys

Mini-documentary by Jessica (WRTG 3020 – Fall 2012)

My video is directed towards soon to be/new parents in order to create awareness about the influence of gendered toys on children.
I think the LGBTQ community would also take an interest in my video since it relates to choosing who you really are and how you want to identify.

The goal of my video is to create awareness about the effects of gender specific toys of children. I hope that this educates parents to stop and consider the effects of the toys they purchase for their children.

I think by including images of toy stores and specific toys will provide proof that toys are often gendered. Then by having audio over the images it will educate the viewer about what gender-specific and gender-neutral toys are. I hope the interviews also provide proof that many parents don’t think about the effects of the toys they buy when perhaps they should.