STUDENT SAMPLE – Discovering My Gender Identity Through High Tops and Bikes

Digital Story by Flora (WRTG 3020 – Fall 2012)

The target audience of my project is college women or women who are of that age, roughly 18-25 years old. The purpose of my project is to show women that femininity does not come in one package. In fact it comes in many different shapes, sizes, forms and behaviors. All women express it differently and the term femininity should not be a binary term.

The strategy I used to reach my audience is personal narrative. I recorded myself reading my story and had pictures of myself throughout my childhood flash up throughout. I used this technique because I thought it would be most interesting to my audience. I also assumed that because I fit the demographic of my target audience they will be able to relate to my story and find it more effective.

Amy’s Note

At the time Flora made this project, she’d just competed in the Summer 2012 Olympics as a triathlete (representing Bermuda), so it’s possible that she played up her femininity to counter-balance assumptions people often make about female athletes.