STUDENT SAMPLE – Differences Between Transgender and Transsexual

Presentation by Sabrina (WRTG 3020 – Spring 2011)

The goal of this project is to examine the differences between transgender and transsexual as explained in academic discourse.

Two articles were used to collect information for this project. An academic article, “Beards, Breasts, and Bodies: Doing Sex in a Gendered World” by Raine Dozier focuses on the relationship between sex, gender, and sexual orientation through research with female-to-male transsexuals and transgendered people. This article provides original academic research into the topics of transgenderism and transsexuals. The second article, “Understanding and Counseling Transgender Clients” by James Kirk and Robert Belovics, comes from the Journal of Employment Counseling. This article offers another perspective into the topic as it is written for people who are unfamiliar with the academic discourse and research about trans studies.

The components of this project will be useful in understanding the topic at hand. The study guide provided below covers the Dozier article and points out key elements of the article. Critical thinking questions are offered throughout the article and offer insight to concepts formulated by the author. The presentation offers a compilation of the ideas presented in both articles that discuss the differences between transgender and transsexual. For an overview of the articles, the annotated bibliography provides summaries of both articles as well as other key information used in the rhetorical analysis of the sources. To further explore the topics of this project, links are provided to outside resources.