STUDENT SAMPLE – C Student Doesn't Even See it Coming

Audio Narrative by Beau (WRTG 3090 – Fall 2013

About the Story:
This is an accurate account of a student who has no perception of possible future consequences due to his blatant disregard of schoolwork. He believes that the world will open up to him regardless of his G.P.A.. The student has a strong sense that just being himself will land him a respectable career.

Storyteller Bio:
Beau Bell has blonde hair that he rarely cuts. It’s the conjunction of laziness and cutting cost that allows his hair to reach burnout lengths. The mop top is pretty good for cleaning too. Which will be convenient for him when he is forced to do janitorial services just to put food in his stomach. When Beau isn’t pushing the hair back from his eyes you can find him sauteing veggies, hiking with his roommate’s dog, or cracking jokes. Ironically enough, this January Beau will be moving to West Virginia because his brother gave him a job.

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