STUDENT SAMPLE – Breathing Canvas

Shelby’s reflections on the healing power of body art. (WRTG 3090 – Spring 2015)

Breathing Canvas (a Cowbird story)

Behind the Scenes Commentary

The interesting thing about publishing a story on cowbird is even though it functions as a completely open new media new media tool, it has still developed a certain style that it seems fair to expect from many stories. Because of this, it was fun and interesting to write for that style, which is one unlike what I normally do.

One of the most unique elements is of course the cover image, which can be tricky to get right. You don’t want something so vague that it doesn’t capture anyone’s attention, but you also don’t want something so personal that no one can relate to who the people or things in your photo are.

I think my strength in writing is I have a very distinct sense of style, and I believe my work can be described as unique by most. I think my poetic approach to prose often glints through even straight memoir type stories. I think my weakness in writing is often self-indulgence, where I continue to write flowery prose where more succinct sentences would be more adequate, something I plan to look out for in the future.