WEB RESOURCES – On Developing Screenplays, Synopses, Storyboards, and Shot Lists

The resources below help you learn more about using writing to plan a visual project. But before you try these strategies, make to explore the variety of cinematic techniques available to you (including camera angles and types of shots), as those are what you’ll ultimately be describing through writing. In other words, use writing only to help you figure out what you can show on screen. For more info on techniques, see the other handouts available under Storytelling Resources and Digital Media Resources.

Below you’ll find links to a few of the MANY resources available on the web to help you learn about strategies for developing a visual story. If these resources don’t do the trick for you, search for your own.

Writing a Screenplay

Writing a Synopsis

Preparing a Storyboard

Just FYI: You might want to check out Animatics, which are animated storyboards.

Also see this web app, which has a free version: StoryboardThat.com

Compiling a Shot List