WEB RESOURCES – Handbooks & Articles on Writing for Web Audiences


I highly recommend the 3rd edition of this style guide, which is available for free on the web. Anyone who plans to write for the web should study the relevant sections of the guide. Here are direct links to a few helpful sections:


Over the years I’ve gathered lots of articles on writing for the web, but I still need to sort through all of them. For now, here are a few:


The Web Writing Style Guide published on the WritingSpaces web site was created as a collaborative effort by a group of writing instructors around the country. The guide is quite brief, in hopes of not overwhelming first-year students with too much information, but you might find that it provides a helpful overview.

Here’s the description of the guide from the web site:

While written for undergraduate writing students, Web Writing Style Guide could be useful to anyone wanting to learn how to write for the web. Topics in this lengthy guide include–but are not limited to–

  • strategies for effective blogging, tweeting, and wiki writing
  • an overview of visual design and photo manipulation
  • how to write effective links, page titles, and headings
  • basic copyright and fair use principles important for the web
  • an introduction to HTML and CSS
  • lots of links within the text to additional resources