GUIDE – Recommended Web Browsers & Add Ons

Free Web Browsers

It’s always a good idea to have more than one web browser on your computer, so that when something doesn’t work in one, you can try it in another. If you publish anything on the web, also be sure to take a look at it across multiple web browsers on both PCs and Macs as it will most likely look different in each.

If you’re a Windows user, avoid using Internet Explorer as much as possible, as it is famous for making web sites look particularly ugly. If you’re a Mac user, Safari is OK. But for either platform, I highly recommend using Firefox instead. Chrome is also good to have around as an extra browser, but it has some annoying connectivity issues.

Web Browser Add-Ons

  • Evernote Clearly
  • Download Helper – Firefox extension for downloading videos
  • Diigo toolbar (to use Diigo for bookmarks rather than the browser’s built-in bookmark manager; also enables highlighting text and leaving sticky notes on web pages)
  • Firebug (CSS inspector for Firefox)
  • Other add-ons for Firefox