Presentations on the Pedagogy and Practice of Digital Composition

Below are a few of my presentations that might be of interest to anyone who teaches writing at the college level. The first one focuses more heavily on providing a rationale for integrating digital literacy into writing instruction, while the other two focus more on offering practical tips.

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Role of Digital Literacy in Writing Instruction

This presentation represents the culmination of many years of research into and experience with incorporating digital literacy into writing instruction. I originally prepared the presentation for my colleagues in the Program for Writing and Rhetoric at CU Boulder, but it has also been used by other universities to help introduce writing faculty to the changing nature of literacy.

See the second slide for an overview of the presentation’s contents.

Teaching Digital Composition: Tips & Approaches

I delivered the presentation below at the Emory Symposium on Digital Publication, Undergraduate Research, and Writing on January 29, 2013.

Overview of Approaches to Digital Composition

These are my notes for an overview of approaches to digital composition, for the PWR Digital Composition Sampler on March 21, 2012.

Sources & Further Reading

I’ve provided info on many of the sources that have influenced my thinking on digital literacy and writing instruction on this Digital Composition Bibliography (which is a work in progress!)