HOW TO – Video overview of using Google Docs to share and comment on documents

This screencast video shows you the basics of using Google Docs to upload and create word processing documents, share them with your class, and write comments for peer review:

The video illustrates how to upload a Word document to your Google Docs account, but you can use the same process to upload other kinds of files, including those made by Excel or PowerPoint as well as PDFs, images, audio files, and videos.

Make sure the file has the appropriate extension for its file type before you upload it so that Google Docs can tell what it is. For example: Excel-spreadsheet.xls, MyPowerPoint.pptx, Reading.pdf, photo.jpg, audio.mp3,, and so on. (But use the file name format specified in the calendar entry, which will typically start with your last name and include an element of the assignment.)

[youtube O-XJX4XmoHY]