BLOG EDITORS – How to manage links in the sidebar

This screencast provides a short overview of how to manage links in the sidebar of a WordPress blog.


As I noted in the first Study Guide Blog Overview screencast, all WordPress blogs come with a default set of links under the Blogroll category that all relate to the administration of a WordPress blog. I decided not to delete these links when I set up your study guide blogs in case anyone wanted to explore them to learn more about WordPress, but if you’re working on a guide started by previous students, they may have already been deleted.

If not, then here’s how to delete them: Go to the Links tab on the dashboard, check the box next to each link you want to delete, and use the bulk actions menu to delete all the ones you checked. Or you can delete them individually by putting your mouse over the link title and then clicking the “Delete” link that appears.

Then add your own links based on what you think readers would find most helpful to have available in the sidebar.