HOW TO – Create a "read more" button for long blog posts

For long blog posts as well as drafts and final versions of projects, put the content of the post behind a “read more” tag. That way the long content won’t clutter up the blog front page or category archive page, and readers can click on the “read more” link to see your post in full. In the case of drafts and projects, this also enables readers to see your post in special full-width formatting.

To use the tag, create or edit a post, click on the line above the content you want to hide from the main view, and click on the “more” button in the toolbar.

Here is what the “more tag” looks like in Visual editing mode:

Wp visual moretag

Here is what the “more tag” looks like in HTML editing mode:

Wp html moretag

When you use this tag, the theme that powers the blog will transform it into a styled button. Here’s what the read more button looks like on the WRTG 3020 class blog: