ABOUT the Sample Student Projects

About the Samples

I’ve been assigning digital media projects since 2010, and I try to select at least two or three from each semester to share here as samples. Most of the samples come from one of the two classes I most often teach: WRTG 3020: Rhetoric of Gender and Sexuality and WRTG 3090/ATLS 3519: Storytelling Through New Media.

I frequently revise project assignments, so the samples you find here represent everything from short experimental pieces to polished final projects. They also span the range from “good” (B) to “excellent” (A), based on the criteria that went with each assignment.

I’m sharing them here NOT as models for you to replicate but rather as sources of inspiration for what kind of messages you can communicate through new media.

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Interested in the rhetoric of gender and sexuality? Browse this category for samples by former WRTG 3020 students: CLASS TOPIC: Rhetoric of G&S

Interested in narrative and dramatized stories about personal experience (not including those about gender and sexuality)? Browse this category for samples by former WRTG 3090/ATLS 3519 students: CLASS TOPIC: New Media Storytelling

NOTE: A few samples are by my former students in other classes, including WRTG 3035, WRTG 2090, LGBT 2000, and WRTG 1150.

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